Residential Window Films

Tint North has a wide variety of window films available for your home, all sourced from, MEP a professional supplier providing window tints for over 34 years.

Our range of residential films each has a designated purpose including: Heat prevention, Glare mitigation, Privacy, Security and Style.

Let Tint North help you choose the perfect fit for your home today.


Tint North can offer you a mirrored, blackout or even frosted film that prevents any unwanted eyes from viewing you or your valuables.


By law any glass within 800mm from the floor level must be secured either with safety glass or safety film. A lot of homes do not meet this requirement and are risking themselves and their loved ones if there were to be an accident. Tint North can offer safety films that prevents shattering from occurring, keeping your loved ones safe from glass shards. This also serves as great security for any business's with window front access as any intruder will struggle to gain access.


Dealing with the heat can be a draining process, both effort and money wise. Tint North offers a range of films to prevent any sweltering heat from getting through, allowing you to enjoy the summer without having to open every window in the house.


Glare can be a frustrating problem to deal with due to the fact that light reaches to every corner of the room, blinds do the job to an extent but also block out the view.

Tint North can help you choose a perfect film that lets your enjoy every sunrise without having to squint - remember don't squint, Tint!